Do You Feel Sad, Depressed or Just Aren’t Happy?

“Grief is a Major Cause of Overwhelm, Illness,
Insomnia, and Uncontrollable Emotions.
Stop Trying To Bury, Forget, Mask it, or Cope.”

You CAN Get Your Life BACK!

Have you experienced a loss that you feel you should be over already but are still grieving?

Do you feel that life is a series of one disappointment after another?

Are you struggling to find meaning and purpose in life?

Do you feel alone?




I understand and want you to know that grief is a very individual and unique experience. No one can ever truly know what another is feeling. As someone that has experienced grief and come through the other side, one thing I did discover is that I didn’t die and that it was my responsibility, and mine alone to find meaning and joy in life and no one and nothing could do it for me. I had to decide I wanted to LIVE. Then the process became what does that look like and how do I go about it. From that I learned how to move beyond grief.

I’m Carol Pilkington, Spiritual Mentor and Ordained Minister specializing in grief awareness and recovery with over 16 years training in numerous models and modalities including meditation/contemplation and inquiry from the Eastern to Western traditions. It is my duty and honor to work with individuals struggling with loss of many kinds who are wanting to understand how to move forward in life in order to have more energy and joy. Helping people to understand the human experience of pain and loss and how to find meaning and purpose around it.

I look forward to helping you find that renewed sense of joy and vibrancy so you can have the life you deserve. I will show you the way to be the Creator of Your Life. We are often told what we need to do, but rarely shown how to go about it. That’s where I come in.

Carol Pilkington, Spiritual Mentor and Ordained Minister,
“Moving You Toward Energy, Joy and Success ”


Benefits of Guide…

  • Steps to understand what you are feeling.
  • Validate and accept what you are feeling.
  • How to move through loss and grief.
  • It’s okay not to be over it yet.
  • Learn about the multilayers of grief.
  • Discover how to reclaim your energy, joy and find renewed meaning and purpose in life.

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